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Hello, and welcome to my page!!! My name is Brandy. I am 21 and have lived in TX all my life. I am engaged to a wonderful black man who treats me great. We have been together since Sept. 5, 1997. We were engaged not long after that. We had gone to school together so we knew each other pretty well. Then on Dec. 1, 1997, I found out that i was pregnant. We started deciding on names and finally had them chosen a month later. I had a good pregnancy although my feet swelling made it unbearable. I finally had my son on Aug. 5, 1998, one day before he was actually due. I was induced, I couldnt take it anymore. So now its months later, and my son is fixing to be 7 months old. I can't believe time passes so fast.

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This site is my about my friend's baby who was born 15 wks early.


About   my   Man

My fiance's name is Byron and he is also 21 and has lived in TX all his life. He works construction out in the plants like Dow and BASF. He is a boilermaker. He is a very good man. He makes enough money out there so that I dont have to go to work, and I can sit at home and take care of my son and not take him to a day care. He is black but he is a country boy at heart. He doesnt too much care for "black" music. Give him some good ol' Hank Williams, Jr. and hes good to go. He likes to go hunting and fishing. He is a real family man. He doesnt go out with the boys for a beer after work, he'd rather come home to me and his son. We have a lot in common, and I swear we must be on the same wavelength or something because we are always saying the same thing at the same time.

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